About Robert


How would one describe Robert Townsend? A talented actor,

Hollywood trailblazer, passionate visionary, or just a

regular guy seeking to make a difference; these are all

phrases that apply to the multitalented entertainer.

Townsend is the last of a rare breed of artists that

scrutinizes every word and syllable that is expressed in

his work. It’s no wonder that so many people regard

Townsend’s body of work as classics. A Hollywood pioneer

well ahead of his time, Townsend is often referred to as

one of the “Godfathers of the Independent Film World”. With

more than 30 years in the entertainment business, he has

made an indelible mark in Hollywood with an extensive list

of credits.

Townsend has made history by being nominated for more than

30 NAACP Image Awards for film and television. At the 2001

NAACP Image Awards he directed three performers nominated

in the best actor/actress category in three different

films; Leon for his role in NBC’s Little Richard, Alfre

Woodard in the Showtime Movie Holiday Heart (which also

garnered her a Golden Globe nomination), and Natalie Cole

for her gripping self-portrayal in Livin’ for Love: The

Natalie Cole Story (for which she won the coveted Image

Award for best actress).




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