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Making The Five Heartbeats Documentary


The behind the scene look at the casting calls; selection of cast members, story board ideas producers, and directoral commentary. Plus never before scene footage of this iconic cult classic with additional commentary from selected cast members and other leading consultants involved in the making of this memorable film. See all Making The Five Heartbeats press HERE.

Available on DVD, Blu-ray, & Vimeo!


American Soul

AMERICAN SOUL will share the untold story of ‘Soul Train’ and the man behind its legacy, Don Cornelius. Before the new original series begins on BET February 5, 2019, let’s get in the director’s chair with the acclaimed Robert Townsend to see how he is going to bring this period piece to life as he weaves real-life events into the characters' storylines.

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SocialWorks Black History Month Film Festival

Making The Five Heartbeats was highlighted at the SocialWorks Black History Month Film Festival and featured a QA between Chance The Rapper and Robert Townsend after the screening.


Bounce Trumpet Awards

Robert Townsend will be receiving the Living Legend Award!

The Living Legend Award recognizes those who have achieved amazing professional accomplishments throughout an extensive career and are role-models for others to reach similar success.

World Premieres on Bounce Sunday, February 17 at 9:00 p.m. ET


Black Lightning

Robert Townsend will be directing and appearing in several episodes as Dr. Napier Frank in Season 2 of Black Lightning.